Micro-Nano formulations

micro nano

Through several years of development of research projects together with relevant Universities, Research Centers and high tech spin offs, we have developed technologies and capabilities for the up scaling of production of nanopharmaceuticals at our GMP facilities allocated in the EU. The proposed technologies, mainly based in lipid matrices, allows the obtaining of nanoformulations of different drugs in a safe and efficient way.

Praxis has developed two Technology Platforms for the Development, Scale-up and Manufacture of Nanomedicines.

We can offer other owned tecnology platforms for the formulation in microparticles. We have a scientific team supporting formulation development activities and process design.

Praxis is member of the ETPN Executive Board. From October 2015. Works as a Chair for the following group: WG Nanotherapeutics & Targeted delivery: Nanotechnologies for Drug Delivery .


Micro-nano formulation

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